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Nasarawa State, Nigeria, b. 1996

Barry Yusufu is a self-taught visual artist from the north-central part of Nigeria. He is a traditional artist who uses dying art media ranging from charcoals, coffee, paints, papier mache, collage, and graphite to tell stories using model dramatization, colors, and a great deal of imagination. His style of art is Contemporary Expressionism which he calls Kolo Art meaning madness in a sane way. As a traditional artist, he has participated in several exhibitions, most notably in Christie's

Say It Loud exhibition in August 2020. 

His style surpasses conforming to a norm, hence being experimental about his art; working through a wide range of mediums while paying rapt attention and consciousness to his freedom to express. He hopes to influence the world with the humanity, emotions, lifestyle, and personality embedded in his art. Barry is also the leader of an art movement called “The Kolony”, a brotherhood of young contemporary Nigerian artists.

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Barry Yusufu: Projects
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